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Affordable Accuracy at Your Command

USPGS: Your Manufacturer of Advanced Navigation Systems

  • Small, simple, single-use, disposable, mass-produced, inexpensive, modular, non-metal, light weight advanced Guided Missile.
  • Integrating a comprehensive suite of technologies and a diverse range of sensory equipment, these systems enhances munitions’ targeting capabilities. 


Achieve unparalleled cost efficiency with US Precision Guidance Systems, LLC, delivering up to 250 times the value at a fraction of the cost compared to leading competitors.


Our systems are universally accessible, designed for ease of use across any language with minimal training, ensuring smooth integration and modernization of your munitions.

High-Volume Capability

Prepared for urgent needs, our manufacturing system is designed for rapid scaling, guaranteeing a reliable supply of munitions upgrades.

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" -

Precision Guided Munitions Upgrades

The technologies used allow these munitions to be guided to both ground and airborne targets, employing various sensors and systems like GPS, infrared, and LASER. The ‘Release-and-Forget’ system is notable for its simplicity, using the drone’s camera to lock in release coordinates and converting them to target coordinates.


A unique approach using drones for low-end deployment of PGMs, simplifying the operational process.

Sensor Integration

Utilizes a variety of sensors and technologies (GPS, INS, thermal sensors, etc.) for accurate targeting and deployment.

PGM Options

Offers kits and casings for existing munitions as well as custom-manufactured PGMs, ensuring a wide range of efficient and effective solutions.


Securing the skies in hostile environments is crucial for modern drone and UAS operations.

Our solutions are tailored to safeguard and reinforce these communication channels, assuring their robustness and reliability. This is essential for operations in high-risk zones or behind enemy lines, where secure and uninterrupted communication is critical for mission success.

  • Enhanced Security: Protects against electronic warfare tactics and interception, ensuring secure and confidential communication.
  • Increased Resilience: Reinforces communication links to withstand hostile jamming and environmental challenges.
  • Reliable Performance: Guarantees dependable operation in contested domains, maintaining command and control integrity.


Custom Autopilot Software Solutions for drones and UAS specialize in enhancing both the functionality and security of your drone operations. These solutions involve custom-tailored modifications to drone autopilot systems, enabling specialized task performance and integration with non-standard equipment. Advanced control algorithms ensure smoother, more reliable flight operations. Additionally, these solutions incorporate robust security features to prevent unauthorized access and hacking, safeguarding your drones’ operations and communications.

  • Enhanced Security: Offers advanced security measures to protect against hacking and unauthorized access, ensuring safe and secure drone operations.
  • Customization: Tailored modifications meet specific operational requirements, enabling precise execution of specialized tasks.
  • Operational Excellence: Compatibility with various drone models, scalable modifications, and advanced control algorithms lead to smoother, more reliable operations, providing a competitive edge in diverse industries.


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